Complementary Medicine

What is complementary medicine?

The word “complementary” means “in addition to.”

People often use complementary practices along with care from their medical doctor to deal with chronic health problems, treat symptoms, or stay healthy.

Complementary medicine takes a “whole person,” or holistic, approach to treatment, they advocate a self-help technique that is attractive to patients. The practitioners often spend significant time with their patients, hour or more to ask you questions about your lifestyle, habits, and background. This makes many people feel better about the treatment, the person giving the treatment itself, and the condition.

Some people feel more in control when they are more involved in their own health. Since most complementary medicine looks at the connection between mind, body, diet and lifestyle, many people who use it feel better. They like working toward overall wellness instead of just relief from one problem.

Complementary therapies tend to share a few core beliefs, including: 

  • Illness occurs if the body is out of balance.
  • The body can heal itself and maintain a healthy state if given the right conditions.
  • The whole person should be treated, not just the disease or the symptoms.
  • The gentlest therapies are tried first before harsher ones.
  • There is no quick fix, since healing and balance take time.
  • Natural products are preferable to synthetic ones.

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