Infra Red Treatment

Chronic Pains

Neck and Shoulder pains

Low Back pains


Bone pains

Muscle pains

Chronic Fatigue 

Sleep problems

Poor Circulation 

Blood stagnation 



Asthma Bronchitis

Poor Immunity


Far Infrared Dome

 Infra red bed


Acute conditions:             40 min dly for 5 – 7 days

Chronic conditions:          20 min 3x wkly for 3 months


 Benefits of Far infrared rays

  • Improves Circulation
    • Penetrates and stimulates areas deep underneath the skin without leaving any trace on the surface of the skin

    fir 6

    • Gently warms the muscles and tissue and dilates your arteries, which allows blood to flow more freely through them.

fir 2

  • Breaks down toxins in your body
    • environmental poisons,
    • toxic substances from food processing,
    • lactic acid,
    • Free fatty acids
    • Subcutaneous fat (associated with aging and fatigue),
    • excess sodium (associated with hypertension),
    • uric acid (which causes pain) and
    • Unwanted heavy metals in the body.Fir 1
    • Benefits resulted:
      •  Dissolves blood clots
      • Relieves muscle cramps
      • Reduces High blood pressure
      • Improve functioning of digestive tract
      • Decreases oedema
      • Relieves sciatica
      • Removes fatigue and insomnia
      • reduces inflammatory conditions

fir 3


fir 8

Infrared rays          fir 5

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