7 Shifaa paste


A paste containing 7 powerful cures derived from the Quraan and Sunnah



A Paste comprising of the following Seven Beneficial Substances derived from the Qur’aan and Sunnah:

1.Honey Allah the Almighty says: “There issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colours wherein is healing for men” Qur’aan 16:69

2: ‘Ajwah-al-Madeenah (a special kind of date) Rasoolullaah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam is reported to have said: “He who eats seven Ajwah dates in the morning will not be affected by poison or magic during the day he eats them” (Bukhari). He is also reported to have said: “Ajwah dates are from paradise and have healing” (Tirmidhi).

3: Indian Costus Root Rasoolullaah sallalahu ‘alaihi wasallam is reported to have said: “Use this Indian Costus Root, for it cures seven illnesses; and pleurisy is one of them” (Bukhari). Another Hadeeth reports Rasoolullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam as saying: “Some of the best treatments lie in cupping and the Indian Costus Root” (Ahmad, Nasa’i).

4: Black Seed Rasoolullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is reported to have said: “There is healing in the Black Seed for all diseases except death” (Bukhari and Muslim).

5: Senna Rasoolullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is reported to have said: “Treat yourselves with Senna and Sannoot (fennel),for they have healing properties for every disease except death” (Ibn majah, Haakim).

6: Sannoot Mention of this has already been made in the above-mentioned Hadeeth.

7: Zamzam water Rasoolullaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is reported to have said: “Zamzam can serve as food and as a cure for diseases” (Ibn Abi Shaibah, Tayaalisi).

Some of the Benefits:

1. The Seven Shifa Paste is regarded as a most beneficial supplement, and among the most potent medicines. 
2. It has been successfully used to treat such medical cases where medical doctors had given in. 
3. It has been used to treat major liver problems, and by the grace of Allah alone, the patients’ livers were returned to their normal state. 
4. It is considered as the best medicine for acute gastroenteritis caused or not caused by poisoning. 
5. It is a treatment for nerve pains, and particularly facial nerves and the Trigeminal Nerve aka Nerve V, CN V, and the Fifth Nerve. 
6. Helps to remove and prevent swelling. 
7. Opens the appetite, and assists in digestion. 
8. Produces blood in cases of anaemia. 
9. A great nourishment in cases of malnutrition. 
10. Kills stomach worms. 
11. Helps against colds and flu. 
12. Proven to help against ‘nazar’ and black magic when taken for a certain period of time. 
13. Noticeable improvement when mixed with water or milk in respect of strength and potency. 
14. Comforts the stomach. 
15. A cure for piles. 

One teaspoon once, twice or thrice daily on an empty stomach about half hour before meals. Stir well before usage. For body, nerve and joint pains, plaster the affected area with the Seven Shifa paste, and bandage.

Uses and feedback on 7 Shifaa Paste

🔴Maintain General health
⭐Seven Shifa paste
1tsp in warm water dly in morning on empty stomach

For appetite… Seven shifa paste InshaAllah…
According to the age it can be given to them… Perhaps half tsp…
Can be mixed in a little warm water…
If once a day suffices… Fine… Otherwise twice daily

⭐Seven Shifa Paste and
Talbeenah can be taken once or twice a day.
🔸️Aafiyah mixture

🔴Strengthen immunity
⭐ 7 Shifaa paste
Blackseed oil 1/4tsp dly

🍀We had suggested to someone who complained of a child having constipation to give them 1/2 a tsp of the ⭐seven shifa paste once a day and they said that it had helped Alhamdulillah… So this can be used InshaAllah.

🍀 I wanted to tell you the shifa paste worked soo well for constipation
I was having at sehri mixed with warm water before eating anything
And it was just perfect
Alhamdulillah feedback on 7 shifa paste

7 shifa paste 1tsp 3x dly
A lady has been cured from epilepsy by Allah’s grace, after using the Seven Shifa Paste. It’s more than four years that she has been cured Alhamdulillaah.
She utilised the Seven Shifa Paste twice daily, and gradually weened herself off her epilepsy medication

🍀Moulana just had a discussion with the head of the Tibb Institute.
Regarding falling pregnant, he said, a woman used the ⭐Seven Shifa Paste for a period of a month to forty days, twice a day, and Allah Ta’aala granted her a child thereafter… Alhamdulillaah.
🔴General health in pregnancy
Talbeenah and 7 shifaa
🔴Morning sickness
Took 🔹️Talbeenah in my pregnancy helped alot. Alhamdulillah

From the files:1424/05/17
Ra’s Tannoorah, Eastern Province (KSA).

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.
May blessings and peace be showered upon our master Muhammad, his family and companions.
Indeed, I had suffered from extreme pain in the abdomen. I went to hospital, and after tests I was told that I have inflammation of the colon.
The doctor advised me to abstain from certain foods, such as coffee, tea, etc. He also gave me medicine. However, the pain continued.
After utilizing the ⭐Seven Shifa Paste for a period of about three weeks, I felt better, and the pains that I suffered from also left.
Praises belong to Allah alone.
The above is the gist of what happened to me. Allah is a witness to what I say.
I wish to thank the brothers who distribute and produce this product as well.
Your brother …

⭐seven shifa paste.
Has helped few others Alhamdulillah.
Good way to take it for this is to dissolve a tsp or two in a little warm water once a day
And together with this Talbeenah cooked in water twice daily InshaAllah.

*Feedback regarding gluten intolerance attack*
A friend of mine that suffers from gluten intolerance had one of her usual attacks…
Extreme stomach cramps etc.
I advised her to read 7 x Surah Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi, Ayaat of shifa, muawwadhatain….
take 7 Ajwah dates,
And 2 tsp of the seven shifa paste in a little warm water/Zamzam…
Alhamdulillah through the qudrat of Allah alone she said the pain subsided…Aameen

I was suffering from IBS, & gastric problems for quite a few years, in recent years it became worse, had gone for several tests aswell, they had completely changed my diet, but I’d still suffer from acidity. Eating habits had caused migraines aswell.. And then I read about *qustul hindi* and *seven shifa paste*.. I gave it a try, & Alhamdulillah, within 2 weeks i noticed the changes and improvement in my body, my stomach feels more calm than before.. My migraines have stopped completely and my skin feels healthier..

Seven shifa paste 3 x a day InshaAllah
Qustul Hindi powder

🍀 A driver in our neighborhood was diagnosed with Jaundice. The Seven Shifa Paste was given to him. Within the first week he felt better, which made him delay in going for another test. He continued with the Seven Shifa Paste for a whole month. He says: At ¾ spoon morning and evening, the Seven Shifa Paste tub lasted exactly a month. He then went for a test, and it was all clear. Praises be to Allah alone.

🔴Abdominal pain
Report from the files:
20 Dhul Hijjah 1424
Testimony by ‘Yahya’.

My wife was suffering from an ailment in her urinary tract and abdomen for 12 years.
It began when Allah bestowed us with a long awaited child.
We visited all the government and national hospitals, and all tests were clear, yet she still remained in severe pain.
I even tried alternative treatments, such as “kayy” (branding treatment), but no appropriate treatment was found.
After using the ⭐Seven Shifa Paste her condition has improved, and her pains have disappeared, and all praise belongs to Allah alone.”

🔴Low platelet
Seven shifa paste 1 tsp twice daily.
Ajwah dates, 7 every morning.
If you don’t manage to eat the dates,remove seeds and soak it overnight in a little water.
Next morning add some milk to it(without throwing the water out).

Put it in a blender and make a date shake.
Add a little ground elachi. Very tasty and very beneficial.

🍀 My platelets were extremely low in labour and after birth it was going up so slow but alhamdulilla I started taking 7 shifa and just took it 3 times and my platelets went up so well alhamdulilla

⭐7 shifaa paste 1-3tsp dly
7 Ajwah dates dly

When i was about 8 months pregnant my blood level was at 8.7 very anemic ..alhamdulilah since then i started taking the ⭐seven shifa paste and every morning 7 ajwas ..allahs hukum in a months my iron level went from 8.7 to 10.2 Alhamdulillah

🍀 Feedback on 7 shifa paste
alhamdulillah.. recently my maids daughter kept falling sick with low blood count and fever..alham 3days of shifa paste and she came to me so happy with the docs review
that her blood count was much higher alhm and she didn’t give her the docs meds too..

7 Shifa paste 3x dly

🔴Chronic illness

Diabetes/ Kidney failure/Weakness
From the files:
Testimonial by Abu Faaris.

My father was a diabetic, and lost his eye-sight. It also lead to weakness of his kidneys and heart. Doctors said that he needed a stent for his heart, and they put him on dialysis as well.
He began taking the ⭐Seven Shifa Paste with regularity. His health has immensely improved, so much so that he no longer requires a stent, and has stopped going for dialysis too. (Alhamdulillaah).
He would also experience severe fatigue when climbing the stairs at home, and would have to take intervals. Now he is able to climb the stairs, and go to the Masjid without any difficulty. (Alhamdulillaah).
Also, his psychological health has improved as well, after having deteriorated during the past few months.
He is now feeling well and peaceful. (Alhamdulillaah).
Allah is a witness over my speech.
(Praises belong to Allah alone).*

🔴 *Cancer*/All tumours
⭐7 Shifaa paste
1 tsp 3x dly in warm water
for at least 3-4 mnths

🔴Lung Cancer
Slmz I wanted to share the greatness news Drs confirmed today that my husbands cancer has gone into remission JZK for all the love and support you hv given us. He will see Dr in 4 months time routine check.
This patient was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and decided to stop all other medication as well as chemo in September 2019.. Alhamdulillah after taking the seven shifa paste 3 times a day resulted in the above..


🔴Stomach Cancer
A lady with stomach cancer was cured by the qudrat of Allah.
Her treatment was as follows:
a) 1 tsp ⭐Seven Shifa Paste in warm warm water 3/daily on hungry stomach
b) ½ hour after taking the Seven Shifa Paste, placing ½ tsp of 🔸️Qust Hindi Powder in the buccal (between the cheek and gum).

🔴 Lymphoma Cancer
From the files:
Testimonial date: 2/9/1427.
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Praises are for Allah alone. Blessings and peace be upon the Rasool of Allah.

I have a child, whose name is Mu’aadh. He was five years of age when he was diagnosed with cancer of the nape and chest. I stayed in Yemen, treating him for four years with chemical treatments, to no avail.

I then traveled to KSA, Jeddah, to the Saudi German Hospital, where he was treated for one year and one month, but remained ill.

Someone then came along and told me about the ⭐Seven Shifa Paste. I took two bottles, and treated him everyday, by giving him ½ teaspoon morning and evening. The swell began disappearing, and now, through the grace of Allah, my son Mu’aadh is completely cured of cancer, firstly by Allah’s fadhl, and thereafter through the means of the Seven Shifa Paste.
The method I used to treat my son Mu’aadh was by placing ½ teaspoon of the paste into half a cup of water, and drinking it after it dissolves.
I suffice with this, and Allah is witness to what I say.

♦️Review Jan 2020
7 shifa review
*Colits and Migraine
Salaam sister hope you and your family are well insha Allah ameen. Jazakallah so much for recommending the 7shifa paste. Have to tell you that I have noticed a great improvement in my health Alhumdulillah. I have been using the 7 shifa paste for over three months now and find that my colitis and migrane problem is no more a problem. I now have a healthy appetite and I am pain free shukar Allah Alhamdulillah. I am off my medication and only take the 7shifa paste twice a day . I have recommend the 7 shifa paste to my family members as well.

♦️Feedback March 2020
Radiation therapy
My mom bought the shifa oil from u.
I use it over my radiation burn.
[My oncologist is very happy with the results. He wants to know the ingrediants and we they can get it from.
The centre that I go to on Umhlanga is very big. Most of the Drs and patients are whites.
And my oncologist was surprised that I’m not taking any pain meds and only applying the qust hind oil.
My radiation was 30 sessions and burn effects very bad
I take the 7 shifa paste and this oil.
Drink Zam Zam and eat ajwa