Ajwah Seed Powder


Ajwah date seed powder


Ajwah Pit Powder

Ahaadeeth on the Ajwah Date:

1. Sa`d ibn Abı Waqqaas RA that Rasoolullaah sallallaahu`alayhi wasallam said: “Whosoever has seven Ajwah dates each morning, no poison or magic shall harm him on that day”. (Bukhari, Muslim).

2. Sayyidah `Aaishah RA that Rasoolullah sallallaahu`alayhi wasallam said: “Verily, in the Ajwah of Aaliyah is cure” or he said: “It is an antidote [if taken] first thing in the morning”. (Muslim).

3. Abü Hurairah RA that Rasoolullah sallallaahu`alaihi wasallam said: “Ajwah dates are from paradise and have healing against poison”. (Tirmidhi).

Benefits of the Ajwah Date:
1. It strengthens eye-sight, fights night blindness, and is a treatment for all eye problems. 
2. Treats Anaemia and bleeding problems. 
3. Treats skin problems. 
4. A treatment for Osteomalacia 
5. Protects the intestines against inflammations and weakness. 
6. Cleans the body of toxic waste. 
7. Cleans the liver of toxins. 
8. Calms nerves of irritability. 
9. Delays old-age. 
10. Increases phosphorus which strengthens mental abilities. 
11. Very beneficial during the latter stages of pregnancy, and eases birth. 
12. Exterminates germs. 
13. Prevention against piles by preventing constipation. 
14. Beneficial for diabetics. 
15. Increases potency, especially when taken with pine kernels. 
16. Treats various types of cancer. 
17. Treats heart ailments, and strengthens the arteries. 
18. Decreases rapidity of nervousness, and creates mental calmness and psychological comfort. 
19. It contains vitamin A, which helps children to grow. 
20. Tonic that helps fight Rheumatism. 21. Helps treat ailments related to the respiratory system, such as asthma and lung problems. 
22. Helps fight leprosy. 
23. Active in curing facial paralysis. 

Hadeeth on Ajwah with its Crushed Pit 

Sayyiduna Sa`d ibn Abı Waqqaas RA who says: 
I fell ill, and Rasoolullaah sallallaahu`alayhi wasallam paid me a visit. He placed his hand against my chest, until I felt its coolness on my heart. He said: “You have a heart ailment. Go to Al-Haarith ibn Kaladah, of the Thaqeef tribe, as he practices medicine. He should take seven of the dates of Ajwah dates of Madeenah, crush them with their seeds, and give it to you by pouring into one of the two sides of your mouth”. (Abü Dawood). 

A Cure for Heart-Ailments.
The above Hadeeth of Imaam Abü Dawood RA has clear mention that Ajwah dates with its crushed pit, is a cure for heart ailments. The Hadeeth even has mention of the preferred way that it should be taken. 

Benefits of the Ajwah Pit 
1. Most of the above benefits mentioned under the heading: ‘Benefits of the Ajwah Date’. 
2. Relaxes the intestines, draws out gases there-from, and treats bloated stomach. 
3. Helps heal sores when pit is burnt. 
4. When cooked in barley water, and made into a drink, it helps break down gall-bladder stones and kidney stones. 
5. If burnt and used as a surmah, it lengthens the eyelashes. 
6. Treats bed-wetting and weak bladders in children. 
7. The pit’s composition somewhat resembles the composition of the Mother’s breast-milk, thus it is beneficial for babies. 
8. Increases breast milk in breast-feeding mothers. 
9. Ground pit powder helps against toothaches. 
10. A treatment for gout. The institute of medical research in Egypt has even created a powder for gout from it. 
11. When burnt as an incense, it helps a lady after birth, to contract the womb. 
12. Strengthens the nerves. 
13. Treats Asthma, the mucous membranes. 
14. Lowers high body temperature. 
15. Prevents cancer. 
16. Treats prostate cancer. 
17. Builds potency. 
18. Revives blood cells. 
19. Treats some skin problems. 
20. Treats the scalp. 

It is not advisable for a woman during the first three months of pregnancy, since it acts as a contractor of the womb.