Qustul Hindi Oil



Al Qustul Hindi Oil

The base of this oil is Olive oil, and takes one month to prepare into a Qustul Hindi oil. It may be taken orally, one teaspoon once, twice, or thrice daily after meals. It is has also proven very effective for rubbing on affected areas, and for skin problems.

Among its other benefits are:

  1. It increases hair growth, and protects against turning grey.
  2. It can be added to hair oil
  3. Helps treat magic and jinn.
  4. Treats dandruff, and prevents hair falling.
  5. Treats inflammation of uterus.
  6. Fights allegies related to the respiratory system.
  7. Treats headaches by pouring two drops into each nostril.
  8. Helpful against body and joint pains, including rheumatism and wounds.