Qustul Hindi Powder




[The Indian Costus Root]

This item is a valuable part of Tibb Nabawi.

A Hadeeth of Saheeh Bukhari mentions it to be a cure for seven ailments, including Tonsillitis and Pleurisy. The Hadeeth even specifies that it should be administered from the nostrils for Tonsillitis, and from the side of the mouth (buccal) for Pleurisy. The other five benefits have not been mentioned. Having looked deeper to find the other five benefits, researchers came up with about thirty other benefits of Al Qust al Hindi, which are mentioned below.

Benefits of Al Qustul Hindi:

1. Lowers blood pressure.
2. Strengthens the heart muscle.
3. Helps against cramps, urinal pain, and spasms
4. A treatment for prostrate cancer.
5. Revives the thyroid glands.
6. Fights obesity.
7. Reduces phlegm.
8. Helps against chest pains.
9. Eases menstruation.
10. When burnt as an incense, it is highly beneficial for colds and flu.
11. Helps against freckles and marks on the skin.
12. Helps against alopecia and white liver.
13. Strengthens potency.
14. Relaxes and strengthens nerves.
15. Very beneficial for semi-paralysis and Parkinson.
16. Remedies migraines by taking orally, or by snuffing, or dripping two drops of its oil into each nostril.
17. Remedies ear-aches by dripping its oil in the ear.
18. Remedies tight chest, asthma, and chronic cough.
19. Beneficial for the stomach, spleen, and kidney.
20. Remedies jaundice, and ascites.
21. Beneficial against winds and lethal toxins.
22. Disintegrates stones.
23. Remedies Sciatica and Tetanus.
24. Kill worms and expels toxins.
25. Heals wounds when mixed with honey and salt.
26. A remedy for liver related problems. 27. Very useful for liver cirrhosis and viral hepatitis.
28. A cure for lower back pains, and other bone pains in general.
29. Eases flow of urine.
30. Helps treat magic and jinn as incense.

Al Qustul Hindi comes as a powder, oil, cream and incense. Above are it’s benefits in general.
Ibnul Qayyim RA says that “it is ‘hot and dry in the third degree’ and they dry out phlegm and colds.
When taken as a drink, it helps weak liver and stomach, and the colds associated with such cases”.

Methods of use of Powder:
The powder is generally administered by mixing it with pure honey in equal parts.
Dosage for general infections, allergies, obesity and inflammations is ½ to 1 tsp of this mixture in the buccal (i.e. between the gum and cheek), twice daily. It can also be drunk as a tea, mixed with honey.

For skin issues, either the same mixture above can be used, or the oil or cream as mentioned below.
When mixed with water and honey, and anointed to the face, it heals skin spots, known by some as pumpkin seeds.

Qust Hindi Powder can also be burnt as an incense and inhaled for respiratory infections. But, it should be inhaled when it first burns, as the smoke of the burnt ashes should not be inhaled. It is rather advised to be burnt in the form of the incense.
Qust Hindi and its oil can also be used to wash the hair to kill lice.

Diabetes: A mixture made as follows has been found to be very beneficial for patients suffering from Diabetes and High Blood pressure. ½ teaspoon of the mixture morning and evening is safe, as well as effective InshaAllah. However, do exercise caution whilst having it with other medications.
The mixture is as follows:
a) One part of Qust Hindi
b) One part of Qust Bahri
c) One part of Ground Black Seed
d) Two parts of Ajwah Seed Powder

Precaution: Qust Hindi should be used with caution in conjunction with the following medicines, as it already serves the same purpose:
Anti Histamines
Blood thinners like aspirin, etc. Medicines that lower blood pressure Anti diabetic medicines

Similarly, caution should be exercised by:
1. Anyone who has a bleeding problem, whether internal or external bleeding
2. pregnant and breastfeeding women
3. anyone suffering from dehydration or dryness
4. anyone suffering from diarrhoea
5. anyone suffering from low blood pressure
6. anyone who experiences a skin sensitivity like redness or rash when taking it, although it is likely that such a person has joined it with an anti histamine.