Qustul Hindi Powder




[The Indian Costus Root]

This item is a valuable part of Tibb Nabawi.

A Hadeeth of Saheeh Bukhari mentions it to be a cure for seven ailments, including Tonsillitis and Pleurisy. The Hadeeth even specifies that it should be administered from the nostrils for Tonsillitis, and from the side of the mouth (buccal) for Pleurisy. The other five benefits have not been mentioned. Having looked deeper to find the other five benefits, researchers came up with about thirty other benefits of Al Qust al Hindi, which are mentioned below.

Benefits of Al Qustul Hindi:

1. Lowers blood pressure.
2. Strengthens the heart muscle.
3. Helps against cramps, urinal pain, and spasms
4. A treatment for prostrate cancer.
5. Revives the thyroid glands.
6. Fights obesity.
7. Reduces phlegm.
8. Helps against chest pains.
9. Eases menstruation.
10. When burnt as an incense, it is highly beneficial for colds and flu.
11. Helps against freckles and marks on the skin.
12. Helps against alopecia and white liver.
13. Strengthens potency.
14. Relaxes and strengthens nerves.
15. Very beneficial for semi-paralysis and Parkinson.
16. Remedies migraines by taking orally, or by snuffing, or dripping two drops of its oil into each nostril.
17. Remedies ear-aches by dripping its oil in the ear.
18. Remedies tight chest, asthma, and chronic cough.
19. Beneficial for the stomach, spleen, and kidney.
20. Remedies jaundice, and ascites.
21. Beneficial against winds and lethal toxins.
22. Disintegrates stones.
23. Remedies Sciatica and Tetanus.
24. Kill worms and expels toxins.
25. Heals wounds when mixed with honey and salt.
26. A remedy for liver related problems. 27. Very useful for liver cirrhosis and viral hepatitis.
28. A cure for lower back pains, and other bone pains in general.
29. Eases flow of urine.
30. Helps treat magic and jinn as incense.

Al Qustul Hindi comes as a powder, oil, cream and incense. Above are it’s benefits in general.
Ibnul Qayyim RA says that “it is ‘hot and dry in the third degree’ and they dry out phlegm and colds.
When taken as a drink, it helps weak liver and stomach, and the colds associated with such cases”.

Methods of use of Powder:
The powder is generally administered by mixing it with pure honey in equal parts.
Dosage for general infections, allergies, obesity and inflammations is ½ to 1 tsp of this mixture in the buccal (i.e. between the gum and cheek), twice daily. It can also be drunk as a tea, mixed with honey.

For skin issues, either the same mixture above can be used, or the oil or cream as mentioned below.
When mixed with water and honey, and anointed to the face, it heals skin spots, known by some as pumpkin seeds.

Qust Hindi Powder can also be burnt as an incense and inhaled for respiratory infections. But, it should be inhaled when it first burns, as the smoke of the burnt ashes should not be inhaled. It is rather advised to be burnt in the form of the incense.
Qust Hindi and its oil can also be used to wash the hair to kill lice.

Diabetes: A mixture made as follows has been found to be very beneficial for patients suffering from Diabetes and High Blood pressure. ½ teaspoon of the mixture morning and evening is safe, as well as effective InshaAllah. However, do exercise caution whilst having it with other medications.
The mixture is as follows:
a) One part of Qust Hindi
b) One part of Qust Bahri
c) One part of Ground Black Seed
d) Two parts of Ajwah Seed Powder

Precaution: Qust Hindi should be used with caution in conjunction with the following medicines, as it already serves the same purpose:
Anti Histamines
Blood thinners like aspirin, etc. Medicines that lower blood pressure Anti diabetic medicines

Similarly, caution should be exercised by:
1. Anyone who has a bleeding problem, whether internal or external bleeding
2. pregnant and breastfeeding women
3. anyone suffering from dehydration or dryness
4. anyone suffering from diarrhoea
5. anyone suffering from low blood pressure
6. anyone who experiences a skin sensitivity like redness or rash when taking it, although it is likely that such a person has joined it with an anti histamine.

How to use and Feedback

🔴Sore throat
Qustul Hindi powder
¼ or ½ tsp with honey once or twice daily.

🔴Recurrent tonsillitis
This same friend… Her son suffers terribly with tonsils…he used to get sick once or twice a month…
His been to different doctors, had many tests done… Till they discovered the problem…
He had strong doses of antibiotics also…
Until one day Allah Ta’aala put it in their heart that they should try the Qustul Hindi oil…
Her words to me were
“it worked like a bomb”
Alhamdulillah they only use the oil now… And there is much improvement…
He doesn’t get sick as often as he used to…
Alhamdulillah all praise is for Allah alone.

Burning Qustul Hindi or Qust Bahri powder and inhaling it for a few minutes also helps for congestion.

🔴Excess phlegm
mix 1/4 tsp Qustul Hindi powder with a little honey and put into the buccal.

Testimonial: I suffer with lots of phlegm, and I mixed the qustul hind with olive oil and black seed, rubbed it on my feet at night, the next morning was the first morning in decades that I actually woke up breathing through my nose. Alhamdulillah, Allah’s grace and means of these amazing oils👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

🔴Sinus headaches

Alhamdulillah the 🔸️Qust Hindi Oil has proven very beneficial to many people for headaches, sinus pains, tonsils etc.
For sinus:

A few drops into each nostril while laying down… With the head slightly tilted back, and continue laying down after  putting the oil for 5 to 7 minutes.
🍀  I thought I’ll share this feedback 🌷
Although some of us regularly use the Qustul Hindi oil at home for sinus and tonsils, etc…
Yet some of my kids try to do away with it.
Yesterday morning my son had a headache…so he decided to ignore it.
(Weather is very dry atm… So sinuses trouble even more)

Late afternoon he came and told me, my head is sore… What can I do besides using Qustul Hindi oil…
I told him, that’s all I have. .. If you choose not to use it… Sorry I can’t help you…
By the night his head was throbbing… So I put a mixture of Blackseed Oil and Qustul Hindi 3 big drops in each nostril…
It did burn for a while… But Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah after 5 to 10 minutes all the phlegm etc was loosening up… And he felt much, much  better

.🍀  I thought I’ll share this feedback 🌷
Although some of us regularly use the Qustul Hindi oil at home for sinus and tonsils, etc…
Yet some of my kids try to do away with it.
Yesterday morning my son had a headache…so he decided to ignore it.
(Weather is very dry atm… So sinuses trouble even more)

Late afternoon he came and told me, my head is sore… What can I do besides using Qustul Hindi oil…
I told him, that’s all I have. .. If you choose not to use it… Sorry I can’t help you…
By the night his head was throbbing… So I put a mixture of Blackseed Oil and Qustul Hindi 3 big drops in each nostril…
It did burn for a while… But Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah after 5 to 10 minutes all the phlegm etc was loosening up… And he felt much, much  better.

Rubbing a little Qustul Hindi oil.
And taking a little of the powder, ¼ to ½ tsp with honey… Coz it works against inflammation and allergies.

🔴Measles/Chicken pox
I used qustul Hindi  pd  and qustul bahri  for patients  with measles  m  chickenpox
Mix equal  portions..with some honey  n drink with warm water
3 x daily


Regarding his new born baby… 12 days old only.
Subhaanallah, he says the baby was very sick, had pneumonia, went to doctors, took antibiotics etc, but no difference, so he told his wife let’s treat him ourselves… That’s when he asked for advice.
He took Qustul Hindi powder and warmed it in olive oil and rubbed on the baby’s chest…(coz he didn’t have the Qustul Hindi oil with him)
Then he mixed Qust Bahri powder with honey and gave the baby just a pinch on the tip of the finger twice daily for 10 days…
Alhamdulillah he says there was a big difference immediately… For 3 days the baby just threw up phlegm …

🔴Weight loss/detox
1/2 tsp 🔸️Qustul Hindi powder mixed with 1/2 tsp ⭐honey twice daily InshaAllah.

Qustul Hindi oil in nostrils
Rub oil on affected areas

🍀 Few weeks ago I gave the Qust Hindi Oil to someone on a Friday  afternoon.
This person said that she suffer regularly from migraine and take tablets daily.
At around Asr time she used used it as mentioned above and when I met her 3 days later she said Subhaanallah her headache didn’t return till then, after just using the oil once… Whereas it was a daily routine 🍀Feedback
🔴 For migraines and headaches I routinely put dry cups on temples and forehead
Then I massage qust oil using cups on the forehead and head
Headaches are instantly relieved

🔴Bells Palsy
Try rubbing a mixture of Qustul Hindi oil  & Blackseed oil,
And taking half a tsp of the same mixture orally daily too…
🍀Alhamdulillah.. the girl with bells palsy /facial paralysis applied qust oil daily very regular ..they say Alham..she is very well now. almost gone

1. ½ tsp Qustul Hindi powder mixed with pure honey twice daily.
2. Seven Shifa Paste can be taken once or twice daily too.
3. Rubbing the Qustul Hindi oil on the affected side… InshaAllah

🔴Cerebral palsy /Muscle spasm
My son suffers from mild symptoms of cerebral palsy.. He gets muscle spasms so we massage him daily with qustul hindi oil and it works wonders alhamdulilla..his physiotherapist was also amazed at his physical improvement…his balance and coordination has improved alot alhm ..atm we have also stopped physio
She started using the oil Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah with the hukam of ALLAH she started taking steps with support of my si🌹: u mean she never used to walk?: No she never used to take steps she hardly even used to put her feet down
🌹: subhanallah so amazed alhm
: Because she has hyper sensitive legs
: They started the next day i gave them n Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in just few days they sent me a vidoe of her putting her feet down and while they were trying to make her walk….

Qustul hind cream has worked alhm Allah’s hukm for acne /skin problems

🔴Skin spots
1. Cream Qustul Hindi.
2.Qustul Hindi powder mixed with honey and applied.
3. Sand of Madeenah Munawwarah mixed with water and applied

🔸️Qustul hind cream
hey mashalah that cream is very strong..the young boys had two black spots on both cheeks and they are gone

🔴Dark circle around eyes.
An old lady who bought the qust oil from Madina Munawwarah has used it for dark circles under the eyes, and Alhamdulillah it helped her.
I’ve also tried it and after applying it for about 2 weeks, its really made a difference Alhamdulillah.

🔴Puffy eyes/Dark circles
Mix the qust oil with black seed and some olive oil… rub around eyes every nightVitiligo/White liver
🔸️Qustul Hindi powder, 1/2 a tsp mixed with 1/2 tsp ⭐honey in the buccal twice a day… InshaAllah
🔸️ Qustul Hindi oil or cream can be applied InshaAllah.
⭐Seven Shifa paste should be rubbed on affected area

🔴 Foot/toes rash
I gave my mum a mix of olive, black seed, and qustul hind oils to use, and this is her feedback. I used the MIXED OIL once between my two small toes, remember the ones that always bleeds, and it is healed.  Not a sign of the white flesh nor a sign of the blood which oozes when I scratch. I will keep on putting till the itch also disappears. Jazaakallah. ALHAMDULILLAH, this is only the bounty of Allah

🔴Ring worms
Qustul bahri 3x a day… However child should avoid all sugary foods and junk food, until it clears up. Try to make patient eat a Detox diet, so all parasites can be eliminated🔴Allergic reaction

🍀My 3yr old son has 🔴 eczema and a few weeks ago he had an allergic reaction which caused the area around his eye to swell up. I applied some 🔸️qust oil and within minutes all the swelling was gone Alhamdulillah

🍀 Allhamdullilah Allhamdullilah.
Also sis, as I applied Qust Hind oil on my face n SubhanAllah my face is back to normal no 🔴itchiness no swelling. May Allah tala reward u abundantly for all ur efforts insha Allah.💕🔴 Fungas, athletes foot etc…
Qustul Hindi oil works well Alhamdulillah

Qustul Hindi cream is for eczema, psoriasis, marks pimples rashes

My sister uses the qustul hind cream for eczema she says it’s  helping her a lot, also taking some of the marks away.

Regarding psoriasis, I’ve used Qustul Hindi cream and it has helped alot, Alhamdulillah, though it hasn’t disappeared completely, it does improve the itch and appearance of skin. Psoriasis also needs to be healed internally, so perhaps ajwa pit powder might help…

🔴Hair loss
1. Using mixture of Qustul Hindi oil and Blackseed oil regularly on the hair.
Massaging  the scull very well.
🔸️Qustul Hindi oil is beneficial for hair growth, and protects hair turning grey.
It treats dandruff and prevents hair falling.
It can be applied to the hair or added to hair oil.

Qust Hindi powder or Qust Bahri powder
tsp or 1/2 after meals two to three times a day…
Start with 1/4 and monitor the BP

🔴Joint pains
🔸️Qustul Hindi powder can be taken, and the oil can be applied.

🔴Rheumatoid arthritis
We had a lady here from South Africa.
She mentioned that she has rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years… She showed me her fingers were swollen…
She said just applying the Qustul Hindi oil(ie without even massaging it) gives her relief. Alhamdulillah.

Qustul Hindi powder and oil
1/4 tsp Qustul Hindi powder with 1 /4 tsp pure honey twice daily…
Massage oil 1-2x dly

🔴 For arthritis Black Seed Oil can also be rubbed thrice daily InshaAllah

🍀My father in-law has been using qustul Hindi oil for his knee. It has been swollen for some time now and often pains in the evening.
Alhamdulillah yesterday my mother in-law told me that the oil has been helping him so much that the swelling has come down and it’s not paining much anymore. He rubs the oil regularly in the evening

🔴Carpal tunnel
hijamah cupping
Qustul Hindi oil

🔴Plantar fasciitis.
Mix equal amounts of Qust Hindi Oil and Blackseed oil and massage the area.
Have a mixture of this oil too… 1 tsp daily.

🔴 Backache,
She can  rub Qustul Hindi oil…
Also she can take 1/4 tsp Qustul Hindi powder with 1 /4 tsp pure honey twice daily…
And 7 Shifaa paste 1 tsp dly

🔴Slipped disc
A person may use seven shifa paste 2 to 3 times daily… And take an additional ¼ tsp Qustul Hindi powder with it InshaAllah

🍀Just spoke to my mum now..  she says she has been using qustul Hindi oil on her back, hip and leg for her sciatica including her shoulder and neck (which also started giving her problems years after her accident and is causing Carpel tunnel syndrome now). الحمد لله she says the chronic pain she is in is going away
She says she was praying surah Fatiha, surah falaq and surah nas and one other dua for pain while applying the oil on the affected areas.

🔴Hip problems
InshaAllah they can use ½ tsp of Qust Hindi Powder mixed with pure honey twice daily.
And they could apply the oil externally as well.

🔴Kidney stones
1 tsp Qustul Hindi powder with 3 tsp honey twice daily.
Take half litre of pure Olive Oil
Fill it with peeled garlic cloves after poking holes into the cloves with a fork
Cover and leave for two weeks.
Drink three tablespoons  every morning.

This is useful for a number of other ailments too. It cleanses the blood, the liver, good for the heart, blood pressure, and it is a great antibiotic

🍀 A person who told us that how he used to get sick monthly, but after using Qust Bahri, through the power and mercy of Allah Ta’aala alone and the beauty of Sunnah he hasn’t been to doctors for 5 years

🔴Chronic illness

🔴Persistent candidiasis, diabetes, frozen shoulder, severe neck pain,  tiredness, depression, dry. skin
🍀I’ve been suffering for 4 years now. Alhamdulillah after taking Qustul hindi for 2 weeks there is a tremendous improvement. My infection is a lot lessMy skin also feels softer and smoother.  All my symptoms have subsided alhamdulillah. JazakAllah fir recommending this great Sunnah remedy