Soothe Fire Formula


( 90 Veg Capsules)


Soothe Fire formula is developed to treat

Fire Constitutions and also treat cases of Excess Heat in the body and also treats cases of deficient heat in the body.

Fire type constitutions are prone to heart disorders including arrhythmias and tachycardia and may even be taking heart medication. They also tend to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations and may even have chronic mouth ulcers.

This formula addresses all the above issues.

Primary use for this formula:

– Fire constitution

– Insomnia

– Palpitations

– Anxiety

– Menopausal syndrome with night sweats, hot flushes

– Chronic mouth ulcers

– Palpitations and tachycardia


Red with thin coating, or red tip only (indicating heat in the heart) with normal colour on the rest of the tongue.


Rapid / Slippery

(When patients are taking medication for arrhythmias the pulse may be depressed and show up as weak instead)


1 capsule twice daily. Or use 1 to 2 capsules at night only for insomnia.


This formula can be combined with other formulas to address these specific indications above in those with other primary syndromes or constitutions.

Do not use during a cold or flu

Caution in patients taking warfarin and aspirin.