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What can you do to protect yourself from the perspective of Sunnah, Complementary Medicine and Prophetic Medicine?


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The coronavirus like any other virus is a creation of Allah ﷻ and it is subject to the power and decree of Allah ﷻ. Whomsoever Allah ﷻ decrees to get the virus will contract it and whomsoever Allah ﷻ decrees to protect will be protected. Whomsoever’s death is written cannot delay it and whomsoever is decreed to live will recover. At the same time Allah ﷻ has created this world as a world of asbaab (means) and it is necessary upon us to adopt the means available to us and take precautions as this is the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and this is the middle path.

Our approach therefore is three tiered:
1) Trusting in Allah ﷻ and seeking his assistance and protection through obedience and duaa
2) Adopting the Sunnah
3) Using what is available to us to prevent and treat infections

Trusting in Allah ﷻ and seeking assistance

Do not leave the area where a plague has emerged and do not enter such an area
If we are in the area where the epidemic has broken out and especially if there is a chance that we were exposed to the infection then trust in Allah ﷻ and remain in that area or locality. If you pass away from the illness you will have the death of a shaheed and if you recover you will be greatly rewarded for your action. (If you have not been exposed or you will be entering into a quarantine then it will be fine to leave the area.)
If you are not in the area then do not travel to such places where the epidemic is spreading.
It is narrated from ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say: “If you hear that it (the plague) is in a land, do not go there, and if it breaks out in a land where you are, do not leave, fleeing from it.” (Bukhari/Muslim)
It is narrated that Usaamah ibn Zayd (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The plague is a calamity (or a punishment) that was sent upon the Children of Israel, or upon those who came before you. If you hear of it in some land, do not go there, and if it breaks out in a land where you are, do not leave, fleeing from it.” (Bukhari/Muslim)

Recite this du’aa frequently with conviction that Allah ﷻ is powerful and will accept it


The following are a’maal that have proven extremely beneficial at times of difficulty. These a’maal can be shared among the individuals of a family and extended family.

  1. 100,000 times astaghfirullaah
  2. 125,000 times Laa ilaaha illaa anta Subhaanaka innee kuntu minazzaalimeen
  3. 41 times Surah Yaaseen
  4. 1000 times Durood Tunjeenaa
  5. Khatam of the Qur’aan

Besides the above, keep the tongue wet with the following Aayah [يس ٥٨]:

سَلَـٰمࣱ قَوۡلࣰا مِّن رَّبࣲّ رَّحِیمࣲ

One of the most essential ingredients for the achievement of cure through any remedy is to stay calm, avoid panic, and have trust in Allah Ta’aala. To remain calm, recite Surah Yusuf once daily, and keep the tongue moist with the following Aayah [الرعد ٢٨]:

ٱلَّذِینَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَتَطۡمَئِنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكۡرِ ٱللَّهِۗ أَلَا بِذِكۡرِ ٱللَّهِ تَطۡمَئِنُّ ٱلۡقُلُوبُ

Refrain from the disobedience of Allah ﷻ

The disobedience of Allah ﷻ attracts the anger of Allah ﷻ which can result in the non-acceptance of duaas as the least effect. In these times especially we should avoid these sins:
1) Neglect and non-performance of salaah
2) Wearing clothing that does not cover the awra or which is tight fitting and reveals the shape of the body
3) Women travelling the musaafir distance or more without hijaab and a mahram
4) Imitating the people of other religions (in clothing, hairstyles etc)
5) Disobedience and rudeness to parents
6) Non-payment of zakaat
7) Backbiting
8) Men allowing the trousers to fall below the ankles
9) Involvement in interest loans
10) Oppressing others especially in withholding their monetary rights like dowry, nafaqa and inheritance

Eliminate all disobedience of Allah Ta’aala from one’s home completely, and create an Imaani atmosphere.Fast for the pleasure of Allah. Make dua. Cry in dua. Make khatams of the Qur’aan. Make dua upon each khatam with tears.Recognise the greatness of Allah. See with the eyes of your heart how easily mankind, in all its pride and arrogance, becomes so incapable. Realise how long Allah had left mankind in safety despite our ongoing sins. Recite daily after Fajr and Maghrib the morning and evening duas. Teach it to the children. Allah has kept amazing protection in it.

Hadith: ِ

فِ ُةمشِحامفْلا ِرمهْظمت ْملَ َّنُهوُكِرْدُت ْنمأ َِّللَِّبِ ُذوُعمأمو َّنِِبِ ْمُتيِلُتْ با امذِإ ٌسْمخَ منيِرِجامهُمْلامرمشْعمم ميَ” : ملامقم ف ، ملسو هيلع الله ىلص َِّللَّا ُلوُسمر امنْ يملمع ملمبْ قمأ ملامق ،مرممُع ِنْب َِّللَّا ِدْبمع ْنمع)٤٠١٩ :هجام نبا ننس( …….. اْومضمم منيِذَّلا ُمِهِفملا ْسمأ ِفِ ْتمضمم ْنُكمت ْملَ ِتَِّلا ُعامجْوملأامو ُنوُعاَّطلا ُمِهيِف امش مف َّلاِإ امِبِ اوُنِلْعُ ي َّتَّمح ُّطمق ٍمْوم ق

(Sunan Ibn Majah: 4019)

It was narrated that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radiyallahu Anhu) said: “Nabi ﷺ turned to us and said: ‘O Muhajirun, there are five things with which you will be tested, and I seek refuge with Allah lest you live to see them: Immorality never appears among a people to such an extent that they commit it openly, but plagues and diseases that were never known among the predecessors will spread among them. …….

It is clear from the above Hadith that plagues and viruses are a consequence of our evil and immoral actions. We should take stock of ourselves and reform ourselves. Make sincere Taubah from all forms of immorality.

Adopting the Sunnah

There are many Sunan that have been shown to have the benefit of reducing the chance of infections, some of these are mentioned below:

1) Washing hands before eating and after using the toilet. Also practice on the preferred act of renewing your wudhu for each salaah if you are able to – (Washing hands has been shown to be more effective at prevention of infection that the use of a face mask. This is well documented) Trimming the nails is also from the Sunnah practices and should be done regularly on Fridays. Alot of germs are hidden under the nails. Also trimming the nails on Fridays removes illnesses from the body
2) Cover food and containers in the evening
3) Keep shoes out of the home
4) Adopt breastfeeding (This passes on the mothers immunity to the child)
5) Lengthen the beard (Men who shave their beards have been found to have a higher degree of harmful bacteria on the skin than those who keep a beard and they also found that certain substances were contained in the beard that killed off harmful bacteria as well)
6) Women remaining within the confines of their home and only going out for absolute necessity, while donning the proper hijaab. The benefits are not only protective for coronavirus, but far more extensive in every aspect of protection of deen and dunya

Using the means available and taking precautions

Home Remedies

If one already has signs of infection then some items which are available in the home may be used to provide relief. These include:

🔴 Corona home treatment

📍1.Senna powder drink: Add 1½ tsp (3g) senna leaf powder ( or Senna Makki mix) to 500ml water and boil for approximately 10 mins until 250 ml left. Sweeten with 2 tsp (14g) honey and administer to patient. Use once off, but may repeat 1-2x per week until recovery. Ensure to keep pt well hydrated.

📍2. TaibUVID forte (Add 1 tbls to 1 cup hot water)
Spice drink mix: ½ tsp (1g) ground black seeds + ½ tsp (1g) ground fennel seeds + ½ tsp (1g) ground turmeric + ½ tsp (1g) ground ginger + 1 tsp (1g) ground chamomile + ¼ tsp (0.5g) ground Qust al hindi + ¼ tsp (0.5g) ground senna leaves + ¼ tsp (0.5g) black pepper + 2 pinches ground cinnamon + 2 pinches ground cloves + 2 tsp (14g) raw honey. Add to a cup of hot water, stir well and ensure that remnants collecting at the bottom of the cup are also consumed,

5x dly (06h30, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00, 22h00).

📍3.Sumac powder drink: 1 tablespoon of powder mixed in a jug of water. Cover and leave to stand overnight, 1 cup 3-5x dly (07h00, 13h00, 19h00).

📍4.TaibUvid Steam inhalation or Black seed oil nebulisation:
Add approximately ¼ tsp equivalent of Blackseed Vapour Rub (Tibb Health Sciences®) to a large dish of hot water. Cover head with a blanket and steam for approximately 15 mins. Exercise caution to avoid burns. Alternatively, add 0.1ml pure cold pressed black seed oil to 6ml saline solution and nebulise (first method is more effective), 5x dly (06h30, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00, 22h00).

📍 5.Qust Al-Hindi in olive oil nose drops: 3-5 drops in each nostril while lying on back for 5 mins thereafter, 2x dly (07h00, 19h00).

📍6. Herbal antibiotic vinegar (Wellness spot product) 1 Tbls in a cup of hot water 3xs daily

📍7. Salt + vinegar gargle: Add ¼ tsp salt + 1 tsp vinegar (preferably apple cider) to a cup of lukewarm water and gargle, 3x dly (07h00, 13h00, 19h00).

📍8.Dry mouth/ salivary gland dysfunction: 1 slice orange/ lemon to suck on 5x dly. In addition, add 5ml peppermint oil + 5ml tea tree or olive oil to 100 ml sterile water in a spray bottle. Administer 2 squirts orally, 5x dly (06h30, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00, 22h00).


Maulana Khalid Dhorat

👉👉 One of the first symptoms of the Corona Virus is loss of smell and taste, and a scratchy throat. Why does one lose the ability to smell and taste so early in the infection stage? This question bugged me for weeks, and after much research, the answer hit me: THESE SYMPTOMS INDICATE LACK OF ZINC IN ONE’S BODY.

🎄🎄 Zinc is a trace element, and not much is needed by the body on a daily basis. But zinc, like Vit D, plays an essential function in the body in that it supports the very integrity of our body at a CELLULAR LEVEL. It promotes a healthy DNA structure, and its one of the essential pillars of our immune system. Without zinc, we’ll have stunted growth, lack of sexual drive or delayed sexual maturity, rickets, hair loss, nail discolouration, skin lesions, diarhoe, and loss of appetite.

📌📌 WE NOW REALIZE THAT THE CORONA VIRUS ATTACKS THE VERY CORE OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM FROM THE VERY OUTSET. But since we now know where it attacks first, we can just strengthen our defenses before the attack.

🚌🚌 How to do so? Have Black Seed oil daily, with a Vit C, D and Zinc supplement. Other herbs to strengthen the immune system are Ajwa vinegar/powder, olive leaf, goldenseal, ginger, organic honey, and garlic. Foods that contain zinc are beef, lentils and SEEDS such as hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. Cashew nuts also have lots of zinc. My favorite is the Fig/Olive Oil 50-day infusion which is the rolls royce of all vitamins.



📍9.Vitamin supplements
Vitamin C 1000mg dly
Zinc 20mg elemental zinc dly
Vitamin D 50 000iu once off (Your Wellbeing Vitamin D3 recommended Halaal suitable )

Painkillers and anti inflammatory meds should be taken if you have aches and pains
Ponado, stilpane,
mybulen, brufen, voltaren can be taken and give good symptom relief
(avoid if you have stomach ulcers, heartburn, kidney failure or heartfailure)

Consume foods high in protein content and with anti-inflammatory properties Recommended foods include soft-boiled free-range egg, organic lamb/ goat/ chicken, olive oil, dates, clarified butter, honey, bone broth and wholesome soups that include ginger, garlic, black pepper, lentils, barley, oats, dates and organic spices.

Avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as refined sugars, oily/fried foods, processed foods, wheats and preservative.

📍12. Olive oil – Olive oils and other healthy oils rubbed into the hair and the skin provide a layer of protection from many viruses and bacteria. Some should be used around the ears and nose of kids and the elderly as well as many viruses are inactivated by contact with such beneficial oils.

Slice an onion and leave in bowl next to bedside overnight.
Absorbs all sicknesses from environment.
Discard in morning.

📍14. Burn Lobaan (Frankinsense) morning and evening. Destroys all germs in air.

📍15. To increase oxygen saturation
*Recite Surah Inshiraah continuously in a as loud a voice as you possibly can.
*Remain in Sajdah for as long as you can. (long Sujood in Tahajjud Salaat is the most effective)
*Lay down in the prone position (on your belly) for as long as possible.
*Breath holding exercises: Several minutes of taking slow deep breath and holding each breath in for approximately 5 seconds. Repeat every 2 to 4 hours or more frequently if required.

📍Dont forget to give out sadaqah

📍Most importantly
Seek help from Allah Ta’ala
Read all the masnoon duaas for sickness, make Tauba, Istighfaar, and keet tongue moist with zikr

Adopt the Sunnah in your eating and sleeping. So sleep early. Rise well before Fajr. And eat less.

Have Sunnah foods and medicines. Learn more about them. And make them part of your diets.

Supplements/ Immune boosters

1) Vitamin C 1000mg (1g) per day

2) Zinc20mg elemental zinc once daily for 5 days

3) Vitamin D tablets50,000 IU once off
For more ill patients: Once weekly
The following brands are Halaal suitable:• 
Your Wellbeing Vit D3(50 000 iu once a week)
(Available at Muslimahealth)
Others (lower dosage)
B Cal DM • 
Caltrate D • 
Bettaway Betta Bones •

4) Revivo 1 dly (available at Muslimahealth)

5) Quercetin 1dly

6) Lysine 1dly

Sunlight Exposure

Important to get 30 min sunlight exposure daily
Sunlight is important for vit D and. serotonin production which are necessary for a healthy Immune systemAnd it also prevents depression.
Especially important for the elderly

Avoiding exposure to cold winds

This used to be common sense before but nowadays we see that many people, especially teenagers, not wearing warm clothing and being frequently exposed to cold environments. This increases the chance of infection and lowers the immune function.
Care should be taken of cold drafts entering the home or in the workplace. Working under a cold blowing airconditioner can also cause cold and flu symptoms and weaken immune function.


Covid is an infection with cold invasion

It is a cold condition, with dryness or dampness as well.
Patients present with symptoms of feeling extremely cold, stuffy blocked nose, headaches, body pains.

Even the complications we see of increasing tendency to clotting and pulmonary fibrosis may be due to the cold invasion.

Primary treatment is to expel the cold from the body.

Dry fire cupping would be more beneficial

Hijaamah cupping (wet cupping – removing blood) is not the ideal treatment for this condition
Hijama, which involves the drawing of one or more ‘cups’ of blood is definitely not suitable in cases of active Covid. Doing this may cause further cold, weakness and loss of nutrients needed for the patient to recover.

During the initial recovery phase use of Hijama is also not recommended as per the general principle of using Hijama on a patient who is weak. At this time the patient needs ‘supplementing’ treatment, not a treatment which is draining in nature.

During recovery there is weakness and there is a lot of internal dryness still present. For these reasons Hijama is not preferred, except in small amounts (drops) during recovery for specific symptoms

Once the patient has regained their strength, Hijama may now be used based on their individual characteristics.

Nourishing meals are encouraged . Increasing protein intake (eggs, meat, lentils, beans) ajwah dates, nabeez, talbeenah, olive oil and figs, pumpkin.

The 7 shifaa paste and fig/olive oil infusion is also recommended (visit shop page for more info)

Burning incense

The use of pure perfume burners is known to also combat viruses and bacteria in the air. Oud (Frankincense), Sandalwood, Qust etc can be burnt in the home to achieve this benefit.


When adopting home remedies please be aware that if the patient has a severe infection it is necessary to seek professional medical treatment from a qualified and registered primary practitioner (western or natural) as delaying or avoiding it may cause the illness to worsen. If it is an emergency the patient should be admitted to a hospital. If the illness is mild or in the early stages, then using home remedies may be sufficient but if there is any worsening of the condition a practitioner should be consulted.

A successful treatment for Covid-19 from a Taibah University medical research team, in Madina Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia.

Click for full Pdf download – updated 20/07/2020

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Research evidence:

The medical research paper is here: http://www.sciepub.com/AJPHR/abstract/11658


From Dr. Salah Mohamed El Sayed

(Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Taibah Faculty of Medicine, Taibah University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Salah wrote:

We studied the effect of natural plants which are well known and which scientific research has shown [to be effective in this], such as black seeds (nigella sativa), chamomile (anthemia hyaline), and cloves, in order to treat the Coronavirus [Covid19].

This is our published research, which includes the therapeutic protocol:

I will not digress, but it is enough to say that the research of Ulasi shows how both black seeds and chamomile can completely stop the growth of the Coronavirus. Here’s the link to the research:

By Allah’s virtue, all of the Corona [Covid] patients who used this ailment, TaibUVID, have improved, and they prepared it in their own homes. It didn’t take a patient more than one week to improve.

We have published the therapeutic protocol in a medical journal (I will attach here) so that everyone can access it. Perhaps we can save a life of someone dear, and how many they are! Allah knows the intentions.

One dose of TaibUVID consists of

  • one teaspoon (two grams) of black seeds,
  • one teaspoon (one gram) of [ground] chamomile,
    -and one table spoon of natural bee honey.

Mix well. Then, chew well and then swallow. It is preferred that you drink juice after this, or eat an orange, a lemon, or a tangerine.

For prevention: Take one dose [of the above] daily, until this epidemic ends.

For cure: Take five doses daily, for an entire week. Then take one dose daily until the epidemic ends.

If there is a severe cough or difficulty in breathing, you can inhale the vapors from black seed oil, or clove oil, or what remains of solution after boiling [and sifting] black seeds and chamomile. Simply place any of the above in a nebulizer, and inhale [the vapor].

If you do not have a nebulizer, then you can put one table spoon of black seeds, one table spoon of chamomile, and one cup of water in a pot, and cover it partially. Then, let it heat up on a low fire [or low heat] and inhale [the vapors]. Do this 5-6 times a day.

By Allah’s grace, all cases have recovered.

May Allah protect everyone.

O Allah, I have relayed [this information]. O Allah, bear witness.


The coronavirus is not something that should put us into a panic. We have Allah ﷻ in whom we trust and who has provided us with the beautiful sunnah to follow in all times and conditions. Allah ﷻ has also created in this world a cure for every disease and we should seek it out and adopt it as the means of protection and cure while knowing that everything is in His hands. May Allah ﷻ protect us from all types of diseases and calamities. Aameen.


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In 2014 there was a severe outbreak of the coronavirus (MERS CoV) in certain parts of Saudi Arabia…*it was so severe that people didn’t know what to do..

Whilst doctors did their best… people went back to “old medicine” and found something that really helped!…*

Arabs knew the benefits of bakhoor, and thus started using it daily in their homes…

It helped fight the coronavirus…thus saving many lives…health benefits of bakhoor(loban)…

  1. Destroys airborne germs…
  2. Kills germs in mouth, nose and throat…
  3. Helps mental status…
  4. Calms and releives tension (thus strengthening the immune system)…

*Note: agarbathi and loban cones are not a substitute for the original loban…only use resin or amberwood etc)…

*The grey stone like loban and the caramel coloured resin lobaan which is easily found at our local spice shops, are right to use…and should be burned on hot charcoal for its full effects!…

*Use loban in your homes everyday…or at least once a week…it kills germs and helps to stimulate the mind thus helping the immune system altogether

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